We design AI-driven technology solutions for real-world data analysis

More than just a software. ACC Trading supports your organization´s Collective Intelligence by providing tools, that enable you to perform informed analasys, solve problems faster, and make decisions at every step of the investment process. From low-latency and algorithmic trading, complex risk calculations and big data analytics to digital and end-user solutions, advanced cyber defences and comprehensive global quantative strategies, we make sure that our technology always matches the latest standards and futher more exceeds them, to provide business teams and clients with a competitive edge, increase efficiency and ensure stable and resillient operations 24/7.

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Artificial Intelligence in financial services

AI is set to transfrom the financial sector over the next few years. Deep learning neural networks are used to analyse huge quantities of data, prevent credit insitutes from fraud and allow resource-heavy repetitive processes to be automated without any reduction in quality.

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Risk Management

Seeing what others don´t: Our AI engines monitor global markets and analyze large amounts of unstructured data from various sources to generate robust real-time prediction models and create reports or fully automate decison making.

Big Data Analytics

Knowing what others don´t: From validating data and their sources to establishing patterns, our machine learning models increase the speed of data science and outperform human capabilities by far while beeing cost-efficient.

Quantitative Finance

Understanding what others don´t: From statistics to probability theory. We develop and apply complex mathematical models in order to improve trading and risk management algorithms.

Deep Learning

Learning what others don´t: Deep Learning neural networks are used to find patterns in historical data and current price movements and make neutral and objective predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

ACC Trading has built a variety of software solutions designed for application in the finacial sector. We offer our clients cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that either improve or fully compensate human resources. Implementation of AI technology enhances efficieny and speed of individual workflows and help decision making or automate them completly. We bulit cyber resillient trading and analysis software, that covers any step of the investment process and can also act fully autonomous without any user input.

From high frequency trading to comprehensive Risk Management. Our cloud based enterprise AI solutions help you solve real-world problems and strenghten your competivie edge. For Traders: a fast and reliable execution is crucial. Our system provides ultra fast calculation and execution times (< 50ms). For Investors: observing global markets and sudden events around the clock is necessary to make the right decisions. Our software monitoors financial markets 24/7 and autonomously reacts to breaking news. Using artificial intelligence results in lower personnel expenditure and higher reliability which also improves Risk Management.

Currently our solutions are only available to instituional investors. If you´re an asset manager, credit instituion or an insurance fund do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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No matter if our clients bring their own teams of qualified AI experts or come with less experience, we´ve developped a process to make the implementation of our technology solutions as easy as possible. We provide our clients an unprecedented range of support options. From the implementation of secure hybrid cloud APIs to customized support solutions, our team assists you according to your needs.

Our customers rely on ACC Trading to power their most critical work, and we’re dedicated to building platforms they can trust. Our cloud offerings are managed, standardized, tested, and externally audited, with robust access controls that scale to meet customer demand. We perform biannual penetration tests to ensure our backing infrastructure and operations meets the highest security standards. Our cloud platform’s infrastructure, applications, and operations have been developed to comply and align with some of the most rigorous legal and regulatory requirements in industries today.

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Building a diverse team is the right thing to do. Currently there is no application process but we´re always looking for great people. To make sure that we bring together sophisticated minds with different expierences, knowledge and backgrounds that fit our philosophy, we actively seek exceptional talents.

Ethics is a set of moral principles which help us discern between right and wrong. AI ethics is a set of guidelines that advise on the design and outcomes of artificial intelligence. Human beings come with all sorts of cognitive biases, such as recency and confirmation bias, and those inherent biases are exhibited in our behaviors and subsequently, our data. Since data is the foundation for all machine learning algorithms, it’s important for us to structure experiments and algorithms with this in mind as artificial intelligence has the potential to amplify and scale these human biases at an unprecedented rate. At ACC Trading we care about AI Ethics and their importance.

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Applying AI technologies comes a long with a lot of challenges. The development process requires extensive knowledge in fields like computer science and mathemathics. Modern Deep Learning Models consit of thousands of layers and billions of parameters. To deploy those Models and make them usable for field applicatition, it is essential for end users to have comprehensive knowledge in programming. Many companies have a lack of specialists to apply AI technologies without foreign help. To overcome this problem researchers are developing software, that requires less expierince to use (low-code) or one step further, create applications that use ordinary language to write code (no-code). ACC Trading´s first no-code application is currently in the process of development and will be available soon in the future.