The Science behind ACC Trading

From theory to validation. Every day new research and experimentation is done, to push the science behind artificial intelligence ahead. Our singular focus is to help customers achieve clear value by using AI computing for practical business applications. Forward-thinking organizations see AI technologies as an opportunity to leap ahead of their competitors. From maximizing efficiency and lower cost to decreasing time to solution and solving problems abandoned due to complexity, the business value is real.

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The End-to-End AI Platform

We are a full-stack technology provider. We set-up and maintain our systems and hybrid-cloud services, and also provide application development tools and professional services to support the end-to-end AI computing journey for enterprises and developers. Our entire ecosystem is designed for performance, so that businesses can run larger, more complex problems and get better solutions across broader problem classes.

Safety and Ethics

AI can provide extraordinary benefits, but like all technology, it can have negative impacts unless it’s built and used responsibly. How can AI benefit society without reinforcing bias or unfairness? How can we build computer systems that invent new ideas, but also reliably behave in ways we want?

Technical Safety

AI systems can only benefit the world if we make them safe and reliable. Thats why safety is a core element of our Research and Development process. Just like a set of best practice for security and reliability in software engineering our team develops approaches to specification, robustness and assurance of AI systems.

Our approach

Our team works relentlessly on technical safety and ethics for AI technology. We try to anticipate short and long-term risks and explore ways to prevent these risks from happening. Our future plan is to collaborate with other research labs, insitutes and non-profit organizations and sign pledges against using AI technology for autonomous warfare.

Ethics and Society

For us it is important, that people building AI reflect the broader society. We created our own guidelines for the responsible development and deployment of AI. During the model training process approaches like the counterfactual fairness or human-in-the-loop technology is used to reduce bias.

Information safety

Given the critical work performed on our platforms, information security is most important for us. Our team works tirelessly to stay ahead of adversaires by hunting for sophisticated threats, thwarting changes in their tactics and immediately eradicating risks.

Optimization is at the Heart of Finance

When it comes to using advanced technology to increase profit, reduce cost, and improve efficiency, financial institutions have often led the way. Today, many of those same companies are at the forefront of exploring how AI can be used to drive competitive advantage. The opportunites for better risk management, higher portfolio returns and better forecasting can add up to billions of dollars in potential gains per year for a firm. But complex financial optimization problems can be hard or even impossible to solve using classical methods. We provide end-users in-house developed AI technology that accelerates workloads using industry leading hardware.

Privacy and Security

Our cloud platform’s infrastructure, applications, and operations have been developed to comply and align with some of the most rigorous legal and regulatory requirements in industries today.

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Our innovative approach using Zero-Knowledge-Proof technology implemented directly into the tensor core multiplication circuits ensures that the client has no access to the Machine-/ Deep Learning Models wich represent ACC Trading´s intellectual property while proving that the models are of high quality and accuracy and the predictions are indeed computed by the same models. This way, both the clients and the companys data stay private.

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Million Lines of Code

Inspired by the best AI companys all over the world, we searched for innovative approaches and developed applications to set new standards in the industry.



Our multi-layered security systems align with the highest industry standards and use quantum safe encryption algorithms to resist future threads.


More Connectivity

Higher connectivity and more compact embeddings mean better quality solutions on larger, more complex problems.

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